Private Client Services

Private Client Services provide you, our client, with a personal, customized, up-to-date list of homes that fit your specifications. If you are tired of going through endless lists of real estate, only to reject most of them, then you may be open to this customizable system designed to give you only select listings that meet all your critera without having to sift through all the other house listings on the market.

Private Client Services 2

New real estate listings that come on the market are automatically added to your custom list and you are notified by email and reminded to review your listings. That way you will be given the first chance to find your ideal home before anyone else has had a chance to buy it. Homes in Logan Lake sell quickly!

Private Client Services 1

Talk to your Logan Lake Realty sales representative today to receive your own User ID and Password so you can access your personalized, up-to-date list of homes matching the criteria that you provide.